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BDicty Dictionary Reader for Sharp Zaurus
Known issues
  Version 3.1
  • "ipkg says something went wrong" error upon installing on media cards
    This error is valid for all BDicty dictionaries, not only for the reader; in fact, according to articles on the Net, it is also valid for many other Zaurus applications.
    Since all of us developers use the same tools to produce installations and since we at Beiks have confirmed that the same package may cause problems on some machines and not on others, we tend to believe the problem must be in the Zaurus and not in us.

    Luckily, there is an easy resolution to that! Just install the application in RAM (yes, you must have enough space for that!) and copy the large files to the media card directories; BDicty will still find them there and work fine.
    To do that, you will need to install the File Manager available on the Zaurus installation CD or online.
    You may also move the files manually in a terminal session, of course.

    Here is what you must do:
    Upon installing in RAM, BDicty will place its executable in /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/. The name of the application itself is just "bdicty" and you may or may not move it to the card. If you want to move it, then you should update the shortcut to it as well or just delete it and create a new one. The shortcut is /opt/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications/bdicty.desktop.

    The data files (lexicons) of BDicty are in /opt/QtPalmtop/bdicty.

    To move BDicty from RAM to a card you have to move the above files/directories to their corresponding place under the mounted cards. If nothing is installed on the card, you may have to create some folders, but if at least one application had already been installed on the card they will be there for you.

    When installing a card, the Linux on Z creates directories under /mnt/, respectively /mnt/cf (for CF cards) or /mnt/card (for SD cards). Then it duplicates the directory structure from /opt/; therefore, you need the following:

    1. Move /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/bdicty to /mnt/card/QtPalmtop/bin/bdicty (use "card" for SD cards, or "cf" for CD cards); if necessary create the folders first.
    2. If you move BDicty, the shortcut /opt/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications/bdicty.desktop will not work properly anymore; you can delete it.
    3. Move the folder /opt/QtPalmtop/bdicty to /mnt/card/QtPalmtop/bdicty (same conditions as in 1.).

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