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BEIKS updates LexSpell for BlackBerry to support multiple email accounts

DALLAS (June 18, 2008) - - BEIKS announces the new version of its market leading proofing solution for popular BlackBerry® mobile communication platform.

LexSpell 2.2 for BlackBerry replaces the outdated distributive for the previous version 2.1.

It also adds proofing services to outgoing emails from all defined BlackBerry accounts. Previous versions were limited to proofing just a single account.

Another new feature provides an option for suppressing the information message in case there were no spelling mistakes detected.

Registered users can get the updated applications at or directly from their handhelds at .

There is no cost to upgrade to the latest version and all BEIKS users are invited to so do.

For volume licenses and other sales inquiries please contact .


BEIKS LLC ( is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas, TX. The company specializes in developing and distributing essential applications for mobile platforms such as Palm OS®, Windows Mobile® and BlackBerry®. Founded in 1997, the company is best known for its BEIKS Dictionary Reader (BDicty), one of the most popular dictionary series for handheld devices on the market. BEIKS' product list now includes a growing catalog of over 250 titles across all major mobile platforms.

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