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  puzzle sets!

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NetWalk is an absolute entertainer - it takes time, but it doesn't kill it; it makes you think, but not too much; it's beautiful, but not dangerous.

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  in PDArcade revew!

   After the big success of NetWalk we received tons of letters with requests to continue and enhance the game. Most were asking  for more puzzles, some for ability to create their own ones and some for help with the bonus puzzle. Here it is, NetWalk ][, the answer to your prayers.
   There will be a lot of newcomers, though, which deserve to learn a bit more about the game. The old friends can simply go to the download page and get their updates or new levels. Free!
In NetWalk, your task is to set order in a disconnected world and get every computer connected to a server. You can dynamically see how the signal spreads along the net when you adjust the connection cables by rotating them. Sounds easy...and it's actually not that hard indeed...except sometimes. People like sometimes.

   Latest release: 2.2
   Type: Commercial. Full version requires purchasing.
   Price: $10.00
   Requirements: Palm OS 3.0 or higher

  Downloads:                 ZIP  |  EXE  | Updates

NetWalk Q&A

   Would you explain the rules again?

   What will I receive after purchasing the full version?

   Want to submit a puzzle?

   Have a Pocket PC? Go here!


Can you explain the rules again?

You have a 10x9 field with a server somewhere inside, several computers and different types of connectors filling the cells. The game objective is to connect each computer to the server. In order to do so you will have to adjust the direction of the connectors as well as determine the correct position of the computers and server outputs so that the signal from the server can spread through the net.

There are tree levels of difficulty - Novice, Master and Expert.
  Novice:  Novice is the easiest mode (left from the first NetWalk). The network is smaller than the available room and there are less computers. Novice levels are introductory for the game and sometimes are more pleasant to play as they require minimum efforts to solve.
levels are more complicated. The whole field is full and the connections are harder to determine. There are more computers and sometimes there could be misleading switches.
  Expert level is... well, for the experts. Find why yourself ;-)

What will I receive after purchasing the full version?

You may purchase the full version by clicking on the button that says "Place your order". This will take you to an online store from where you can place your order.
You can also purchase it trough www.palmgear.com or www.handango.com.  

After placing an order you should receive a conformation of your purchase. You will be able to download your full version files from MyStuff section.
First download and install the NetWalk program file (has a ".PRC" extension) and than install the various sets of puzzle files (have ".PDB" extensions).

How do I submit the puzzles I've created?

Please contact us.


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