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Verb Conjugator
Conjugate English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese...

Designed to help studying foreign languages, the program is a handy substitution for the fat grammar books. It is implemented as one "host" program with many language plug-ins, each of which provides the conjugation functionality for particular language.

It is important to know that most language plug-ins use rules and exceptions specific to the language to perform the conjugation as opposed to just lookup tables (like in books). Because of that, Conjugator does not have clear way of telling existing from fake verbs (with the exception of predefined irregular verbs). This results in "correct" conjugation for any word that "sounds" like a verb according to the language rules, even if it actually isn't. Future program version will be able to identify all infinitives.

Irregular verbs are usually defined by a special look-up table. We do our best to keep those tables up-to-date, so if you find an omission, please  let us know!

Shell Version: 1.1
Size: 40 kB + plug-ins
Try it: ZIP | EXE | More
Price: Per language plug-in
To order: See below

How to use it

Conjugation is performed based on a verb infinitive and for specific tense. The output consists of 6 verbs (3 persons for single/plural form).

Conjugating is a simple as that:
 1. Download and install the shell program file and the language plug-in you want;
 2. Run the program and select language to conjugate in from the drop-down list at the top of the main screen (if more than one plug-ins are installed);
 3. You may select a tense from the list of tenses you are present. The first tense in the list is selected automatically. You can change that selection at any time.
 4. Enter a verb infinitive in the "Inf." field. The program will be updating the output list while you are typing!
 5. If you want to copy specific conjugated form, tap on it to select it and copy it to the clipboard.

Processing information

Unknown Regular Verbs
At this point, the program doesn't make difference  between "right" and "wrong" regular verbs. As long as the verb fits the lexical "pattern" of the language it will be conjugated. At some point, Conjugator may be linked with other programs like BDicty to validate the source verb.
Unknown Irregular verbs

Unlike the regular verbs, the plug-ins usually carry the table of the irregular verbs for the language along with them and check your entry against it. If the verb is found in that table, it will be conjugated correctly. Otherwise, it will be treated as a regular verb.

The tool will display all supported tenses for the selected language. Some of these tenses may be out of use in the modern use of the language, others may be missing. Normally, there should not be missing languages.
Impersonal and defective verbs

Impersonal verbs (those that only exist in the infinitive and 3rd person singular) and defective verbs (where one or more tenses or persons are not used) are shown correctly as far as possible. However, authorities differ as to the details of these verbs and some forms are technically possible but never used nowadays.

Trial & Full versions

The shell program is free to download and use (see below). It manages the common user interface and does not perform any language-specific operations. For each language we have developed conjugating support for, there is a file or set of files, that need to be installed in addition to the shell program.

The downloadable modules are Trial (demo) versions, which have some functional limitation. Most often, this would be that certain tenses will not be supported. Instead, when selected to perform conjugation, the output list will display "DEMO" message. Upon purchasing the appropriate module, users will be able to download the fully functional file(s) for the language.

Downloads and purchases:


Version Date  Size  Demo Order
Conjugator Shell Module
 (required for all others!)


22 Jun 01

40 kB

  English language plug-in, $8.00


01 Dec 01 15 kB

  French language plug-in, $10.00


14 Feb 02 60 kB

  German language plug-in, $10.00


20 Feb 02 27 kB

  Spanish language plug-in, $10.00


07 Oct 02 59 kB

  English + French + German + Spanish, 38% discount: $24.00

  Italian language plug-in, $10.00 1.4 27 Nov 02 57 kB

  Latin language plug-in



  Portuguese language plug-in, $10.00


29 May 02 25 kB


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