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FREE lexicons for BDicty 

All titles below require using BDicty - either Public or Commercial version. Many of them include the Public version in order to save you time. The packages are compacted with WinZip and you will need it (or another compatible) to extract the actual files.

If you have a text file and would like to use it as a dictionary for your Palm or Visor contact us at support@beiks.com. It is FREE.





Empty lexicons For BDicty Pro users, here are 3 empty lexicons which can be used for building custom dictionaries from scratch on the device.
Instructions how to add entries in BDicty can be found in the User Manual.

1 kB

Glossary of theater terms The theater terms glossary is useful collection for students or information junkies.
Courtesy to Melissa Swenson.
100 kB.
Indonesian military abbreviations dictionary Short dictionary of abbreviations used in Indonesian military forces; submitted by Mark Holland.  
Acronyms dictionary This dictionary is much larger than the American Abbreviations and is available with purchase of BDicty Commercial.
REQUIREMENTS: Commercial BDicty
12,000 entries in 316 kB.
NASA Acronyms This dictionary is a list of NASA acronyms collected from different NASA documents. 
Courtesy to Bill Carswell.
20,000 entries in 39 kB
Department of Defense Acronyms Dictionary DDAD includes ~5,000 abbreviations used by the USA Defense Department. 5,000 entries in 81 kB
Operational Brevity Words and Terminology 580 terms and abbreviations used in the military pilots communications. Useful for military academy students and hobbyists. 580 entries
25 kB
American Abbreviations More than 1,500 abbreviations from modern American language. 
Courtesy to Don McIlrath.
1,800 entries in 26 kB
Net Abbreviations Free dictionary for the most popular Internet abbreviations. 1,000 entries in 13 kB
Computer Terms Abbreviations Dictionary for Abbreviations in Computer Terms.
Courtesy to Michel Bidal and LeO Welsch.
5,500 entries in 104 kB
English Irregular Verbs Search by infinitive and get the past simple, past participle, and "-ing" forms. 120 entries in 2 kB
English Irregular Verbs in Spanish Most frequently used 91 English irregular verbs with their past simple and past past participle forms and translations in Spanish. 250 entries in 4kB
Swedish Irregular Verbs Contains 70 verbs. Search by the infinitive of the English verb and see its translation and forms in Swedish: Infinitive, Present tense, Impefect, Supine, Past participle.
Contributed by Eric de Ronde.
70 entries in 2 kB
German Irregular Verbs Reference module for students.   Search by infinitive and get English translation, Present Indicative (3rd pers. single), Imperfect Indicative (past tense), present subjunctive, imperative and past participle. 180 entries in 18 kB
German to English Idioms Most frequently used German Idioms and phrases with their translations in English. 2,500 entries in 46 kB
German Computer Terms English to German and German to English lexicons for computer terms.
Helpful application for all that have something in common with computers.
150 entries in 3kB each
French Computer Terms English to French and French to English lexicons for computer terms.
Helpful application for all that have something in common with computers.
350 entries in 5kB each
English-French Sailing Terms Helpful application for sailors. 650 entries in 16kB
Wine Terms More than 200 Wine Terms and their explanations.
Courtesy to Aaron M. Frank.
200 entries in 15 kB
Dreams dictionary This dictionary provides you with the answers you are looking for regarding all those images which make little apparent sense while you sleep. 1,000 entries in 74 kB
Bible Names More than 2,000 names from the Bible and their descriptions.
Courtesy to Don McIlrath.
2,000 entries in 26 kB
Name Meanings More than 1,700 names from all over the world and their meanings. 1,760 entries in 25 kB
Indonesian dictionary Dictionary for Indonesian words with explanations and translations in English.
Credits: Contributed by Loren Ryter based on the on-line dictionary produced by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University.
4,500 entries in 679 kB
Dental Terms Dictionary - English to Italian

This dictionary contains 530 Dental terms translated in Italian.
Contributed by Eric Nelson.

350 entries in 11 kB
Astronomy Dictionaries Astronomy Terms Dictionaries collection:

520 entries in 14 kB (each)

Contributed by Edward McLaren.
English to Vietnamese This database uses customized font which also supports pronunciation characters.
Contributed by Nguyen Thanh Nam.
REQUIREMENTS: Vietnamese font from: http://nntsoft.virtualave.net/engviebd.zip

67,000 entries in 1,988 kB

Czech foreign words dictionary This is a lexicon is a short form of a Czech foreign words dictionary. In CP1250.
Contributed by
Furat Rahman.
REQUIREMENTS: Czech localization kit.


SAP Terms dictionary English/German/English

SAP Terms English / German / English lexicons 1590 entries in 24 kB (each).
Contributed by
Ingolf Stemmle.

SAP Terms dictionary Spanish/German/Spanish

SAP Terms Lexicons:
Spanish / German - 10 000 entries in 131 kB
German / Spanish - 10 000 entries in 139 kB
Contributed by
Ingolf Stemmle.

Rhyming Terms Dictionary

This rhyming dictionary is based on the public domain Carnegie Mellon University.
Contributed by Kenn Nesbitt.

 4,000 entries in 97 kB.

File Extensions Dictionary This is a list of the Extensions in the file's names. NOTE: all entries start with a DOT (.) - for instance ".zip".
Contributed by David Ngwailung.
1,600 entries in 24 kB
Medical Abbreviations Dictionary This is a list of Medical Abbreviations.
Contributed by David Ngwailung.
500 in 7 kB
STD Codes (UK) STD is a list of Standard Trunk Dialing Codes for UK. Enter the (telephone dialing) code and get out the town. 105 kB

General information: 
All zip files come with a FREE lexicon and a FREE Public BDicty version.
If you have a text file which you would like to use as a dictionary for your Palm contact us. It is FREE


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