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Flat strip cable replacement for sustain board LG EBR36906201 YSUS connector P1 connection to plasma logic board

A replacement 30 wire flat strip cable connecting LG YSUS EBR36906201 with the plasma logic board

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you a relacement for the 4'' flat ribbon cable connecting LG YSUS EBR36906201 and the plasma logic board through connector P1 on the YSUS.

The reason you may want to replace this cable is if some of the wires at either end of the cable have detached from the plastic carrier and have twisted sideways, backwards or just broke down.

Twisted or detached wires can lead to damages to the YSUS board and/or the buffer boards; in some cases there may be no bad consequences, of course, but in many cases there will be.


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